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Collection Name Description
Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project This project focuses on Clarence (1850), a historically significant colonial wooden trading vessel located in Victorian internal waters near St Leonards in Port Phillip. The overarching theoretical focus will be on shipwreck site formation models and the project brings together the disciplines of behavioural archaeology, maritime archaeology, conservation sciences and maritime object conservation.
Barrow Island This collection documents the Barrow Island Archaeology Project.
Cape Lambert This collection documents in detail a rock art site destroyed by a railway line duplication
Munurru and Garmbemirri 2012 This collection consists of datasets from the "Images of Images: Applying digital recording technology in the analysis, management and visualization of Kimberley Rock Art" project.
Pilbara Rock Art Database This data was collected during the 2012 Rock Art field school
Port Hedland Port Hedland
Return to Oomarri Datasets pertain to the "Return to Oomarri: Dating and Preserving North-Western Australian Indigenous Rock-Art" project. There are approximately 5500 images and GPS file data within this collection.
South Central Kimberley Rock art of the Devonian reef complex in the south central Kimberley.
Wanmanna Wanmanna
Western Desert Rock art and Jukurrpa from the Canning Stock Route and more widely across the Western Desert