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The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (PEB) is a cutting edge research centre focused on better understanding the way in which plants interconvert forms of chemical energy in response to environmental change. We strive to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms of energy biology regulation, to build strategic collaborations for Australia and to enhance plant biotechnologies to build technological innovations to aid Australian agricultural innovation. Our vision is to enhance plant energy efficiency by simultaneously optimising energy capture, conversion and use in changing environments to improve the sustainable productivity of plants. Situated within the Faculty of Science at UWA, we are focussed on excellence in advanced training and education of plant and computational biologists in Australia.

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Collections in this community

Collection Name Description
SUBA The SUBcellular localisation database for Arabidopsis proteins (SUBA) is the central resource for Arabidopsis protein subcellular location data ( Subcellular location can be determined by fluorescent protein tagging or mass spectrometry detection in subcellular purifications and by prediction using protein sequence features. SUBA collates these data and offers data query and analyses functions through the SUBA website.
cropPAL The compendium of crop Proteins with Annotated Locations (cropPAL) is a comprehensive collection of subcellular location annotation for proteins of hordeum vulgare (barley), tritium aestivum (wheat), oryza sativa (rice) and zea mays (corn) derived from published experimental localization studies and precompiled bioinformatic predictions. A user-friendly search interface is provided on the cropPAL web server.