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The Callaway Centre is an international research centre based in the School of Music at The University of Western Australia. The Centre houses impressive archival collections, and undertakes research projects focusing on music in everyday life, music education, ethnomusicology and Australian music.

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Collection Name Description
Eileen Joyce Collection Eileen Joyce (1908-1991), who won international acclaim as a concert pianist from the 1930s through to the 1960s, was born in Tasmania and grew up in Western Australia. The collection spans 1920–1989 and includes more than 3000 items, most in print format, including nearly 1000 letters, 900 newspaper clippings and 27 scrapbooks that were collated by Joyce herself between 1936 and 1952. In addition, there are 13 diaries (from 1947–1960), more than 700 concert programs, five autobiographical essays, almost 100 photographs, her own sets of recordings – all 78s (100 records) – and her private collection of published music (more than 750 pieces) including some of the works that contributed to her global reputation. In total, the boxed collection occupies 10 metres of shelf space and also includes some personal objects that once belonged to Joyce.
Handa Collection

This large and historically significant collection accumulated by Peter Burgis over a 50-year period, was acquired by The University of Western Australia through the generosity of Japanese philanthropist Dr Haruhisa Handa.

The archive concentrates on the work of Australian musicians and composers in all musical fields during the past 100 years and encompasses classical and popular music as well as musical theatre. In addition the collection includes Australian radio shows and advertisements, spoken word, recordings of historic events, and oral history.

The collection contains more than 150,000 individual items with more than 90,000 sound carriers and around 70,000 print documents. The sound recordings (1890s to the present) include cylinders, 78s, LPs, tapes and CDs, whilst the print material includes photographs, concert programs and sheet music. It has been partially catalogued and processed.

Hugh McMahon Collection Hugh Gregory McMahon (1870 - 1944) was one of Australia’s most significant contributors to band music culture in the period 1897 to 1944. Known as the ‘Emperor of the Cornet’, he was a fine musician with a virtuosic technique. McMahon held the position of Bandmaster with the Hillgrove Brass Band in New South Wales, winning prestigious national competitions such as the Championship of Australasia in Bathurst in 1899. He moved to Western Australia in 1910, where he directed the Perth City Band and the Boulder City Band. The McMahon Collection includes the original manuscripts of McMahon’s opera arrangements, digital copies of these arrangements, and some published music. The collection spans ten boxes of printed material, including 60 handwritten scores, either original compositions or arrangements, 87 published scores, CDs of 17 digitised scores, plus a file of 20 related articles. It has been listed but not processed.
Irene Kohler Collection The Irene Kohler Collection is a memorial to an unusually gifted pianist and teacher. It includes Kohler’s original scrapbooks, letters and cards, which trace her international career. The distinguished British musician and educator Irene Kohler passed away in March 1996. Her husband, Dr Harry Waters, placed in the Callaway Centre his late wife's extensive collection of music and books. The collection has been listed but has not been processed.
John Blacking Collection

John Blacking (1928-1990) was one of the most important ethnomusicologists of the twentieth century. The John Blacking Collection comprises Blacking’s original research data on African music including his diaries, field notes, audio recordings, photographic negatives, 8mm films, unpublished conference papers and published research. The collection was donated to The Callaway Centre in 1997 by Dr Zureena Desai, Professor Blacking's widow.

The collection occupies 24.7 linear metres of space and spans a 35-year period. It contains approximately 1474 archival files, 141 5mm reel-to-reel tapes, 115 audio tapes, 240 vinyl LPs, 49 8mm films, 1500 visual slides, 1000 photographs, 35 notebooks and 47 manuscripts. The collection was sorted and partly processed in 2006-2007.

Sir Frank Callaway Collection The nucleus of the Callaway Centre Archive's holdings is the unique collection of music research and music education materials of Sir Frank Callaway, presented to the University on his retirement in 1984. The collection includes material relating to the Australian composer Percy Grainger and the Russian composer and music educator Dmitri Kabalevsky, as well as correspondence and historical documents stemming from Sir Frank’s close involvement in the International Society for Music Education (ISME), the International Music Council (IMC), the Indian Ocean Arts Festival, and the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME). It spans more than 181 archival boxes, plus unboxed materials and has not been processed